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India’s geography has everything mother nature could offer to be one of the most diverse nations in the world. The geography is absolutely incredible and breathtaking from the Himalayas to the coastal areas to deserts. The scope of taking up a career in geography only builds from here on. Students with undergraduate or postgraduate degrees are eligible to take on jobs in tourism, cartography, and research. India’s richness is incomparable in the ever-dynamic world we live in. The potential for a geographical career in India is booming, especially for the tourist and travel industry, as much can be explored in India.

Bachelor’s Degree in Geography

Eligibility and preferred education background:
Those interested to study bachelor’s degree in Geography must complete 10+2, preferably in arts or science, and then take up Geography as a course, as it would provide the students with the basic background required for further studies in Geography.

Course duration: 
The usual duration is 3 years (Six semesters) for a bachelor’s course in Geography.

Course structure in brief [as per CBCS Syllabus for Undergraduate Honours and general course in Geography under University of North Bengal]:

This new curriculum objective is primarily at providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the subject and placing equal weightage of its core content and techniques in geography. The syllabus lays equal emphasis on two main geographical branches: physical and human. The principal goal of this syllabus is to provide students with a career at the end of the degree program. Having this in mind and with the evolving nature of geography, the subject’s relevant aspects, such as the new mapping techniques and field-based data generation, in particular during the honours course, are adequately discussed. The syllabus focuses on the improvement of the subjects’ basic skills so that not all students need to prepare for research or jobs. The Bachelor’s degree offered by our university covers 6 semesters of interesting courses. The following are the benefits you can derive.

  1. New and improved Syllabus
  2. CBCS curriculum
  3. Practical methods of learning
  4. Field surveys and Educational trips

Why would you choose Mirik College for studying Geography in Undergraduate Course?

The Department of Geography of Mirik College started its Honours Course in 2007. Since its inception, the Department aims at nurturing questioning minds, merging learning with pleasure, and has been striving to prepare the students for higher academics.

  • The facilities available at the Department of Geography under Mirik Degree College are one of the best under the mother university. The experienced, skilled and well-qualified faculties provide the best teaching guidance both in theory and for practical classes to the students.
  • The Department offers a good student-teacher ratio which will pave way for better learning through regular tutorials. The dedicated faculty also look forward to conducting remedial sessions for the slow learners from the forthcoming session.
  • The Department also has a good well-equipped Geographical Lab, with required instruments, toposheets, maps, and computers are arranged to carry out practical classes at ease.
  • The library is in the process of making a good collection of Geography books from national and international publication houses as well as a few journals.
  • Active student participation gives a new dimension to the curriculum. Keeping this in mind, the department holds plans to publish a wall magazine at regular intervals emphasizing various geographical aspects.
  • The Department of Geography emphasizes the importance of fieldwork since there is no substitute to grasp a subject on the field. Following the curriculum, students have to undertake a fieldwork program, on which they will have to prepare a field report.
  • The Department derives its strength from a cordial teacher-student relationship, healthy cooperation among the staff members and the zeal to nurture deep thinking and promote innovativeness in geographical studies.

Career opportunities in the field of Geography:

A subject like Geography can open new and interesting doors for your career. Its scope isn’t nationally limited. Starting with a bachelor’s degree you can advance your career in the following fields and more:

  • Cartographer 
  • Climate Change Analyst
  • Climatologist 
  • Environmental consultant
  • Geomorphologist 
  • Geospatial analyst
  • GIS specialist
  • Hydrologist 
  • Location analyst
  • Meteorologist
  • Remote Sensing Analyst 
  • Soil Conservationist
  • Surveyor 
  • Town planner
  • Water conservation officer


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