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Along with Departments of English and Nepali, the Department of Political Science came into being in 2006. The Department is endowed with a dedicated faculty of four teachers who specialise in different branches of the discipline. A B. A. (Honours) degree in Political Science enables the students to develop an understanding of basic concepts, ideas and theoretical models of the discipline; political thinkers and their thoughts; political systems at national and international levels; comparative politics, and; Indian constitution and politics, among others. In order to develop the understanding of the “practical” field of politics, working of Indian parliamentary system and international institutions like United Nation, the students are encouraged to participate in both intra- and inter-college programmes like model parliament, debates and seminars.

Why take a course in Political Science?

Because Politics is the heart and soul of human civilisation. Because Politics determines our well-being – or vulnerability. Because Politics helps us to understand our society. Because Politics is in “bad hands” – the “power-seeking” politicians who apparently seem to care little about the people, and hence there is a dire and urgent need to salvage Politics – As It Is. Because Politics is all that matters!

The discipline of Political Science has assumed significance because it helps us to understand the many contours, issues, dilemmas, challenges and possibilities about Politics. As an academic discipline,‚Äč  the goal of studying Political Science is to deepen our understanding of the forms and nature of political action and to develop theoretical tools for interpreting politically meaningful phenomena. The subject deals with a wide range of subject matter such as democracy, parliament, elections, government, governance, political philosophy and thought, constitution and political behaviour, among others.

The discipline of Political Science offers great career opportunities in politics, law, administration (IAS/WBCS), teaching and research.

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