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General Rules

The students once enrolled in the college have to abide by the rules and regulations of the College that are binding on all the students:

  • The students have to be punctual and regular in the College.
  • Using mobile phones or other electronic gadgets in the class hours, library or college premises are strictly forbidden.
  • Recording lectures and videos, photos without permission will land you to call for disciplinary action.
  • Ragging and any act of eve-teasing will result in the expulsion from the college.
  • Wearing college uniform is mandatory. Access to the college and classes will be restricted without proper uniform.
  • Loitering and lounging on the corridors are strictly prohibited.
  • Defacing and destroying college properties are strictly forbidden – a student found to engage in such activities will face disciplinary action against him, beside a fine equivalent to the value of the damaged property.
  • Smoking, drinking and drug abuse is strictly prohibited and will invite disciplinary action.


No student shall be allowed to take the end semester written examination if the student concerned has not attended minimum of 75% of the classes held in the course concerned and also in other curricular components. A candidate to be eligible for appearing at any of the Semesters of Under-Graduate Examination must have minimum 75% attendance of lectures delivered, although we expect maximum attendance than just 75%.

West Bengal College Teachers(Security of Service)Act ,1975  




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